sexta-feira, 1 de abril de 2011


My memory is not the greatest. I took seven years to memorize my six names. Just after one year I could remember my own celphone number.
But the worst thing for my memory is NAMES. In Brazil I had this little problem, specially with "creative" names. But when I came to India I became hopeless.
Rajeev, Shveta, Sikandar, Ashutosh, Anuragh and the list keeps. My classmates had their names changed, by me of course. Teachers are called by their characteristics, we have Yelling Teacher, Chuncky Sir, Awesome Ma'am, Sir Jee...
Trying to find a reason for such a short memory I remebered (hironically) that since my childhood I hear my mom calling me by my sibilins names and it got the extreme of one day calling me Maraiza (our dog's name).
I realize that maybe this is genetic.

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